Botox – An Affordable Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could get rid of those wrinkles on your forehead, or around your eyes? For years, men and women went for expensive plastic surgery procedures, often costing thousands of dollars and with a great deal of pain. Today, it’s possible to remove face wrinkles in just a few minutes, for only a fraction of the price!


Botox History

Botox is a product which is derived from a toxin from botulinum toxin type A. That may sound scary, however in small amounts; the protein can bring about some amazing results for skin care. Botulinum Type A was first used to treat individuals who blink obsessively. A pharmaceutical company by the name of Allergan, Inc. purchased the rights to the drug in 1988, in hopes it could be used for clients who couldn’t wear contacts, due to blinking too much. In many ways, this really isn’t all that strange when you consider many of the common drugs we use today were discovered on accident. In the late 90s, a married couple, both Canadian physicians made an astonishing discover: Botox actually reduced frown lines and wrinkles in facial tissue. Originally, the couple wanted to use Botox on patience in an effort to improve eye muscle disorders. Drs. Alastair and Jean Carruthers stumbled on skin treatment goldmine! In April, 2002, the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use!


How does a Botox procedure work?

Ok, well once you have made the decision to take the plunge and try Botox, you simply find a Med Spa, physician’s office, or skin care clinic (like Brian Evans Plastic Surgery) that is qualified to provide Botox injections. Generally can expect to sit down for a consultation (often free) and the medical professional will conduct a close examination of your face skin. The professional is looking for things like crows feet; laugh lines, forehead lines, and other deep furrows with can cause the skin to look older. He or she may ask you to do a serious of facial gestures, such as smiling, frowning and making a tight face to see where deep wrinkles have formed. After a few minutes of face scrunching, it’s time to talk about treatment. Since Botox is injected, your provider will tell you how many units are recommended. Keep in mind that men frequently need more units than women because of the difference of composition in facial muscles.


Botox costs and longevity

Depending on where you live in the country, prices for Botox treatment can very. Warning, be leery of places that offer Botox for under $10.00! You want to make sure that the Botox you are receiving is not diluted with a lot of water. A good deal on Botox injections is about $12.00 a shot. Shop around and you can find some good prices! For a moment, imagine your skin completely tense free. In essence, this is how Botox works. The protein freezes targeted skin muscles from contracting, leaving a smooth, wonderfully youthful looking appearance. However; Botox is a temporary solution to wrinkles, but it is a lot less expensive than plastic surgery. You can pretty much expect that your wrinkle free skin can last anywhere from 3 to 4 months. Smoking, drinking, and stress can speed up the wrinkle process, so try to reduce these annoyances whenever possible. The more often you go back for touch ups, the less Botox injections will be needed, as the skin will naturally smoothen out. The process is painless, and comes with very few, if any side effect. In some instances there is minor bruising, which goes away within a few days.


When will you notice a difference?

After you have had a Botox treatment, the results won’t be noticeable for at least a few days. Botox takes a while to work its way through the skin and make a difference. After 24 hours, you can expect to see a slight change. Within 3 days, a significant difference can be noticed. In ten days, you will be amazed at your face, and seriously appear a few years younger. If you are looking for Botox, ask a dermatologist or qualified medical professional about its usages. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery for wrinkles, ask your physician if Botox is a viable option. Enhancing self beauty doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money!


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